Geo-Technologists Symposium 4th Sept 2019

As a follow up to the very successful conference  at University of Durham in September 2017, we are organising another event at The University of Leeds, School of Earth and Environment on Wed 4th September 2019 hosted by Harri Williams.

The theme of the symposium will be in a similar vein including, knowledge/skill transfer in the art of thin section preparation, the preparation of high quality petrographic sections and surfaces for microscopy analysis, including sample cutting, resin impregnation and stabilisation, grinding, lapping and polishing for EBSD, EMP, TEM and SEM / EDS.

We envisage  the symposium will attract a diverse range of specialists with expertise in earth, environmental and civil engineering, materials and archaeology.

We are also planning to invite a range of specialist equipment and consumables suppliers to attend.

Along with invited speakers we hope this will contribute to making the day a success, advancing participants understanding of the diverse range of products and equipment available for preparation. It is also a great opportunity to meet friends and colleagues that you probably haven’t seen since the last event.

If you wish to attend please complete the form below, or download the Geo materials symposium attendance form and send it to Sophie Edwards at Durham

    If you would like to give a presentation please give a brief outline below

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