Register for the Geo-technologists symposium 4th September 2019.

To register for the symposium follow this link: The closing date for registration is 16th August 2019.

Registration fee:
Attendee – £50.00
Exhibitors – £100.0

The University of Leeds
School of Earth and Environment
Maths, Earth and Environment Building
Meeting Room: 8.119/a/b
Foyer: For displays and demonstrations.

  • Speakers:
  • John Turner, T.Section – CONFIRMED
  • Owen Green, University of Oxford- The rock and the microscope: origins of sample preparation in the study of petrological specimens – CONFIRMED
  • Dan Doran and Matt Beverley-Smith, NOC Southampton – CONFIRMED
  • Evans Moguire, Buehler – CONFIRMED
  • Peter Laugesen, Pelcon – (TBC)
  • Callum Hatch, Natural History Museum – Long-term stability and preservation potential of resins used in thin section preparation methods – CONFIRMED
  • Matt Farrington and Ewan McDougall, Kemet – CONFIRMED
  • MetPrep – (TBC)
  • Grant Taggart, Logitech – Logitech LP70 Multi station precision lapping and polishing system – CONFIRMED

The theme of the workshop will be in a similar vein to the meeting at Durham University in 2017 including:

  • knowledge/skill transfer in the preparation of thin sections
  • preparation of high quality petrographic sections and surfaces for microscopy analysis,
  • sample cutting, resin impregnation and stabilisation,
  • grinding, lapping and polishing for EBSD, EMP, TEM and SEM.

The organisers envisage  the workshop will attract a diverse range of specialists with expertise in earth, environmental and civil engineering, materials and archaeology. It is planned that a number of specialist equipment and consumables suppliers will also attend. Along with invited speakers we hope this will contribute to making the day a success, advancing participants understanding of the diverse range of products and equipment available for preparation. It is also a great opportunity to meet friends and colleagues that you probably haven’t seen since the last event.

For any additional information please contact one of the following organisers:
Harri Williams – Host – University of Leeds
Ian Chaplin – University of Durham
Sophie Edwards – University of Durham
George MacLeod – University of Stirling


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