kubiena tin

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We offer a well established service for the production of thin section slides. Slides are produced from a wide range of materials, mainly soils, rocks, sediments and vegetation such as roots amongst other materials. Normally soil samples are provided by the client in Kubiena tins, or other suitable containers. The soils are then dried, impregnated with resin and then processed into thin section slides (see the methods category for more details). The prices are based on standard sample sizes of 75 x 55 x 40 mm, larger samples may incur a slight additional charge. Our standard slides are nominally 110 x 75 mm.

Services: (prices on application)

  • slide from soil sample with solvent exchange drying:  (recommended for organic/clay rich samples e.g.peat).
  • slide from a soil sample with air/oven drying.
  • slide from a pre-impregnated block.
  • Kubiena tins. Aluminium soil sampling tins 75x55x40 mm (including lids).

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Soil samples from outside the European Union require an import licence, for soils from Europe (but not in the EU) a phytosanitary certificate may be required. Please check the links below for further information.