Welcome to the Thin Section & Micromorphology labs in Biological and Environmental Sciences at the University of Stirling. The Micromorphology labs at the university of Stirling have been in operation since 1986 providing support to research staff, post graduate and undergraduate students and to numerous clients worldwide. We specialise in the production of large format (75 x 110 mm) thin section slides from soils and sediments from locations as varied as Iceland, Greenland, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Nepal, the Caribbean and Ecuador amongst many others. We have extensive experience in dealing with organic rich samples such as peat  and heavy clay materials. Whilst soil thin sections are our main product we have experience in producing slides from a wide variety of other materials such as rock, egg shell, bone, wood, ceramics, fossils and leather amongst many others. If you would like more information regarding the manufacture of soil thin section slides please see methods: drying, impregnation & processing. For more information about our services please go to our consultancy page or you can contact us directly for further information.

An Introduction to Cultural Soil Heritage
Dr Clare Wilson from Stirling University introduces the concept of soils as a time capsule in this Introduction to Cultural Soil Heritage.